Mixing and Mass Transfer Technologies (m2t technologies)
is dedicated to solving your most difficult fluid mixing, mass transfer and wastewater treatment issues. 

In the Environmental markets we are a leader in designing and supplying advanced mixing technologies to improve oxygen mass transfer for secondary wastewater treatment plants and to address biological nutrient removal needs.  We provide solutions with:

  • High efficiency Aeration & Mixing
  • Oxygen Activated Sludge Treatment                                      
  • Innovative Ammonia or Total Nitrogen Removal
  • Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion Systems.  

m2t’s Lotepro Environmental Services Group ensures support to our customers long after our processes are installed.

In the Industrial process markets we are addressing single and multi-phase fluid mixing and mass transfer problems with advanced mixer and reactor designs.   Difficult to mix Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids, including highly viscous shear thinning fluids, can be processed quickly with predictable scaleability.   Improved micro mixing, bulk fluid motion and heat transfer are provided resulting in attractive yield, selectivity, throughput and cycle time improvements.
hi flux
Hi-Flux System

HI-FLO Surface Aeration System