Lotepro Environmental Services has been helping the owners of UNOX and OASES wastewater treatment plants for more than 25 years. This group consists of dedicated experts in the operation and maintenance of high purity oxygen wastewater and water treatment processes. Our service group is the only organization worldwide that specializes in servicing high purity oxygen treatment systems.

Our service capabilities are provided through annual or purchase order contracts and include:

• Oxygen generation plant (cryogenic, PSA, or VSA) annual turn-arounds

• UNOX/OASES System process troubleshooting and process optimization

• Plant upgrades or downgrades (e.g., increasing or decreasing the output of oxygen generation)

• Instrumentation upgrades/modifications (e.g., pneumatic to electronic)

• Operator training programs

• Pilot Plant programs

• Oxygen generation plant performance and/or stress testing

• UNOX/OASES System performance and/or stress testing • Assistance with virtually any aspect of high purity oxygen wastewater treatment process

A REV EX Cryogenic Plant

Optimizing the HI-FLO Aerator

An Energy Audit

Chattanooga HI-FLO Installation