Mixing and Mass Transfer Technologies LLC, (m²t) / LOTEPRO Environmental Services Group,  has hosted an annual  Oxygen Plant Owners Technology Transfer Workshop for the past 15 years. Each year a diverse group of administrators, managers, engineers and operators gather to discuss and share topics of interest to the high-purity oxygen systems community.

In recent years,
the program has included presentations by several Owners with regard to upgrades and improvements implemented at their facilities, including:

   ~ Replacement of pneumatic control instrumentation with a DCS/PLC system on an 80TPD cryogenic plant and UNOX system
   ~ Addition of a molecular sieve front-end cleanup system to two 80TPD RHX cryo plants
   ~ Upgrade of a 60TPD cryo plant to produce 80TPD
   ~ Replacement of DeZurik RHX switching valves with Jamesbury valves
   ~ Replacement of PSA analog controls with a PLC based system
   ~ Internal coldbox columm repairs to an 80TPD cryo plant

These presentations have complemented the open format Owners Forum sessions that address issues of interest from the seminar attendees. “Real” plant problems are addressed through interaction with industry peers, from other oxygen facilities around North America, during the Owners Forum portion of the agenda.  Exposure to other Owners’ O&M experiences is a valuable aid in addressing, resolving and often preventing operating difficulties.

Typical Owners Forum Session Topics Include

Industrial Spills 
Power Outages
Emergency Downtime               
Nutrient Removal

Toxicity Stress
Organic Overload                     

Floating Sludge               
Design vs.Operation      
Plant Longevity                     

Energy Optimization     
Effluent Non-compliance
System Upgrades     

My plant has an oxygen surplus (or deficit). What is the best way to handle this?
Am I doing everything right?  Could I be doing some things differently?
My influent is much different than design, how do I optimize the process under “off-design” conditions?
What is the track record on cryo longevity?
What management budget plans should I be making?
What do other plants do in my situation?

If any of the above topics or questions sound familiar, then you and your staff should attend the m2t annual “Oxygen Plant Owners Technology Transfer Workshop”.

The Workshop is usually held just after Memorial Day, in early June. Specifics related to date, location, and attendance fee are typically available in February. A CD presentation of last year’s agenda topics is available at no charge upon request. Please direct any inquiries to:

 845-638-4144 fax

We hope to see you at the Workshop this year!

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